Contact Lenses and Spring Allergies

Contact Lenses and Spring Allergies
  • Spring is here and along with it is lots of pollen and other airborne allergens that like to irritate your eyes. If you wear contact lenses, then you know how annoying dealing with allergies can be. This means lots of eye irritations and plenty of discomfort. To help keep your eyes from getting harmed by your contact lenses, follow the tips below.

    Buy Daily Contact Lenses

    Instead of using the long-term contact lenses, you can opt for the daily use lenses. By wearing a fresh pair each day, you will get more relief for your allergic eyes. This is so because there is less allergen buildup within the contact lenses, reducing eye irritations.

    Always Follow Recommended Care Instructions

    There is a list of instructions for the care of your contact lenses. It’s important to read and follow them. A lot of people fail to do this. One of the top care instructions that goes ignored is the recommended time of use for lenses. People tend to wear them longer than prescribed to. The second would be improper cleaning of the contacts. Follow instructions and reduce the chances of allergens irritating your eyes due to your contacts.

    Use Eye Drops

    Not only will rewetting drops help to keep your eyes moist, it can also be used to clean out allergens and reduce irritation. You should ask your eye doctor which brand of eye drops to use for this purpose.

    Keep Your Hands Clean

    Washing your hands will help to reduce the amount of dirt and germs that get into your eyes when you rub them. This is also so for when you touch your contact lenses to put them in.

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